Omstar D-1280x

Omstar D-1280x

omstar d-1280x Omstar Environment Products announces a revolutionary product that reformulates gas and diesel fuel and is Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous. Omstar D- 1280X  is unique in that it is used to treat both the fuel and the oil. This innovative  product with over Twenty Years and Hundreds of Millions of road test miles has been proven to increase fuel economy by as much as 19%. Extensive Commercial Fleet testing has shown that emissions may be reduced by as much as 50%! Less emissions means you're burning more of the fuel and that saves you money!!

Omstar 1280X by using technology first discovered and patented (patent Number 4,920,691) to clean and lubricate your engine

This patent was originally filed by Dr. Morton Z. Fainman, who received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1941. He was holder of 21 U.S. and 10 foreign patents related to fuels and lubricants.

On May 1, 1990, 33 years after his first published paper on use of synthetic esters to increase lubricity, the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office granted Dr. Fainman Patent No. 4,920,691 for a product called Omstar D-1280X. On May 23, 1990, Dr. Fainman granted to Omstar-D-1280X Inc. the exclusive blending and marketing license for his patented D-1280X formula.

This is done through a family of synthetic esters that are suspended in a  mineral  oil base. Esters have strong cleaning properties that remove carbon build-up inside your engine without harming internal parts, and strong lubricating properties that protect your engine from excessive wear. Use Omstar D-1280X with any fuel, Diesel or Unleaded. Any vehicle, such as: passenger car, truck, bus, ship, train or even a motorcycle will benefit substantially from this product.


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omstar d-1280xEnvironmentally Friendly

Other products which do contain solvents can actually be harmful to your vehicle. When added to fuel, Omstar 1280X reduces the toxic emissions of un-burned hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (Nox), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM) and other harmful products of combustion. When added to the oil, Omstar D-1280X cleans and lubricates all engine parts, thereby reducing friction. Reduced friction means your engine runs smoother and cooler.

1 Gallon Available

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Omstar 1 Gallon Available, treats 1,280 gallons of Fuel.
Cost $115.00 plus $10.00 Shipping and Handling.
Weighs 9 lbs. (USA Only).

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How Our Fuel Reformulator Works

Omstar D-1280X reformulates gasoline or diesel fuel, which causes two important benefits. ONE The synthetic esters add lubrication properties to the engine oil which keeps the metals in your engine from wearing as quickly. This lengthens the life of your engine. TWO The synthetic esters bond to the metal on a molecular level, causing any carbon deposits to fall off.

Omstar D-1280X is a nontoxic, non-hazardous, product that is free of carcinogens. Omstar D- 1280X isn't an additive in that Omstar D-1280X is not derived from petroleum and does not contain solvents.

All internal components benefit from the cleansing and lubricating action including the fuel tanks, fuel lines, filters, carburetor, spark plugs, injectors, combustion chamber and exhaust system. Omstar D- 1280X also conditions the engine seals, keeping them tighter longer. A cleaner, more lubricated engine runs more quietly, requires less maintenance, and reduces engine heat significantly. When you pump gas, water molecules and "sludge" are being sucked into your gas tank. Over time these contaminates can cause severe problems with the fuel system. Omstar D-1280X attaches onto these contaminates, breaks them up into very small particles, takes them through the engine and out the tail pipe.

Carbon deposits in the engine cause fuel to combust incompletely resulting in wasted fuel and toxic emissions. Omstar D-1280X removes these carbon deposits and carries them out through the tail pipe. As a result, horsepower returns closer to the manufacturer's specifications. The combination of these cleaning and lubricating esters in Omstar D-1280X stabilizes the fuel without changing its specifications.

Fuel Savings Exceed Product Cost. Every day more and more people are treating every tank of fuel with Omstar D-1280X Fuel Reformulator Increase lubricity and increase gas mileage.

Omstar D-1280x

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